R.G. Hatfield is perhaps one of the most Eclectic Entrepeneurs on the business scene today. Hatfield is a true renaissance man who moves easily from producing records and movies to inventing a new power generation system, that uses high tech alloys and engineering principles to produce electrical energy.

As a young boy Hatfield maintained his own laboratory in a garage in the family's backyard. At the age of six, Roc began another career as an entertainer, he started playing guitar after seeing "The Beatles" on Ed Sullivan and soon after was writing his own songs and performing at school functions. By age fourteen, Hatfield was an accomplished singer, guitarist, song writer and was performing with groups in nightclubs and on local television.


Roc released his first album and single in the summer of 1977. The album was highly acclaimed by critics as a noble first effort. Roc wrote the material and also produced the recording. While attending High School, Hatfield was accepted into an electromechanical engineering program at a Midwest technical school. He attended high school in the mornings and vocational college in the afternoons during both his Junior and Senior years. He graduated with a high school diploma and an Associates in electromechanics.

Hatfield has maintained both his interests in science and entertainment ever since, continuing his education with courses in marketing, finance, and business management. In 1980 Mr. Hatfield made history by creating FM radio simulcast. Simulcast allowed home viewers to hear programs in stereo by tuning in to a designated radio station in their local area.

Here again science and art were joined when Hatfield produced a weekly Pop Music program titled, " Starflight 80" which aired in many major cities. This forerunner to MTV featured up and coming artists as well as, " National Recording Acts". Hatfield was inducted into "Who's Who in Entertainment" in 1989 for his accomplishments in pioneering the use of simul-cast for his weekly music program.

 Producing Starflite 80 was a terrific challenge for Hatfield, he was virtually responsible for every aspect of the expensive weekly music program. Including scripts, talent coordination, all technical arrangements as well as selling the advertising spots during the program. "This was a tremendous learning experience," claims Hatfield. By 1981 Hatfield moved to Tampa, Florida to build a T.V. and Film post production facility from scratch, but his plans would be set on the back burner for a while. Upon arriving in Florida, Hatfield founded, with a partner, Energy Concepts, Inc. This company was successful  in producing microprocessor based energy management systems. During his tenure at Energy Concepts, Hatfield became excited with the business start-up experience.

 In 1985 Mr. Hatfield founded Metropolitan Capital Resources, a Tampa based company that provided consulting in the areas of private placements, I.P.O.'s corporate management, and product development. During this time Hatfield was exposed to many new products and business ideas. Simultaneously, Hatfield continued his work in developing a film production facility and began writing screenplays that utilized his music and familiarity with the movie making process.

In 1986 Hatfield was introduced to a new client who had explored many areas of South America as a mining consultant. The client was seeking funding for a mining project in Columbia, South America.

Hatfield subsequently curtailed his consulting business and became a founder of Centuri Mining Corporation. This mining company acquired over 21,000 acres of prime gold mining properties and pioneered the development of sophisticated placer gold dredging equipment.

 Roc lived in Medellin, Colombia for a year and became fluent in Spanish, while developing many contacts in the business and political circles of Bogota and Medellin. Hatfield soon acquired 100% control of the Centuri Mining Properties and transferred ownership to a Grand cayman company, El Dorado Turbo Dragas, Ltd.100% of El Dorado Turbo Dragas Ltd. was subsequently sold to a public corporation in the U.S. for a substantial amount of stock and cash. The acquiring company is a Florida based manufacturer of medically related technologies.

In late 1990, Hatfield finally began work on his dream, a film post production facility. Work was completed on a cutting edge digital recording studio in 1991. This facility titled, "Digital Excellence" was designed around a research and development project headed up by Hatfield. Mr. Hatfield commissioned by a major manufacturer of theatre equipment to develop a digital recording process for motion pictures that would be fully compatible with existing recording procedures and movie theatres. This multi-million dollar project created a revolutionary approach to the way we will all hear movies in the future. In 1996, Mr. Hatfield founded Avanta Entertainment, Inc. AvantaStudios, a division of the Company specializing in Advanced Internet Strategies and Solutions sprang into existence in early 1997. Since the Company's inception it has experienced rapid growth in both revenues and capabilities. Recently the Company has expanded it's reach into the world of Internet business consultancy, combining business models, design & implimentation with programs aimed at increasing shareholder value. A number of publicly traded companies have seen dranatic moves in their market capitalization as a result of engaging AvantaStudios.



provides production and Internet business consultancy to small and midsize companies. Many private and publicly traded companies seeking advice and strategies retain our team.Avanta studios reviews the company and advises it's principals as to what could be a viable Internet formula. The complexity of the strategy varies depending on the need of the client. Once a direction is embarked upon Avanta Studios guides the client company through the financial mine fields the Internet can pose. A typical Avanta Studios client will require an extensive list of services. Some of these services include, but are not limited to: E-commerce models, Promotions, website creation and design.


Florida based Avanta Studios has provided creative web and TV production services for over ten years. AVANTA STUDIOS has worked on numerous productions and has recently moved into the DRTV arena. Direct Response TV is exploding, and has had one of its best years on record in 2007. Founder and CEO Roc Hatfield has always wanted to promote a product on TV with the 800 number blazing across the screen and the words “operators standing by to take your order” spoken by the announcer. “The right product never seemed to really stand out” Hatfield says. Most DRTV products lack the profit margin required to keep the expensive advertising going. Hatfield believes he now has the right product, which enjoys a 10 to 1 profit margin.

The RF SuperBooster, is a high tech electronic device that can boost a cell phones’ reception and reduce dropped calls. The RF SuperBooster is based on advanced RFID Technology and is easily  attached to the back of a cell phones’ battery. The 1.5 inch square antenna booster easily fits into any cell phone and is designed to increase the cell phones reception and eliminate the dreaded dropped call. Dropping calls is a huge problem for cell phone users both in the city and the country. Large buildings can be a cause of dropped calls as well as wide open spaces. “The RF SuperBooster is an inexpensive high tech device ($14.95+S&H) that can enhance the cell phone’s reception”, claims it’s promoter. All the major carriers have been spending millions on TV addressing the problem of dropped calls. Through various comical skits they all ununanimously claim that if you change your contract and sign with them that you will have more bars, MORE BARS.. the Holy Grail in the cell  phone business. “Changing carriers could cost you hundreds of dollars depending on the status of your contract, why not try the RF SuperBooster that costs less than a tank of gas. The RF SuperBooster should provide most people more bars, but if you're not 100% satisfied with the product, send it back for a full refund", states Hatfield. You might remember another cell phone booster sold on TV a few years ago that made claims of improved performance. Hatfield says that,     "The RF SuperBooster should not be compared with any previous product. This is an advanced electronic device not a toy". Look for the RF SuperBooster on a TV commercial near you soon.


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